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The Expressive Gesture: Life-Drawing with a Difference
This workshop goes beyond the mere rendering of the figure. It is a life-drawing experience that takes an intuitive approach as Andrea encourages participants to ignore the inner censor and to cultivate the eye-hand connection to be made in order to generate more fluid, expressive drawings.

Explorations in Mylar and Mixed Media Techniques
For those who enjoy experimentation and process, Andrea leads a practical exploration into a range of media including the unique potential of mylar. She provides insights into the properties and possibilities of various media extending their expressive potential into the generation of complex visual expressions.

The Unconventional Print-maker
Using various printmaking techniques as a basis for expressive and process-based exploration, Andrea offers her experience and expertise in creating prints, in and of themselves, in combination,and as an adjunct to other art-making disciplines. Intaglio and relief printmaking techniques as well as polychromatic screen prints and monoprintmaking methods will be explored.

Process in Art Reflecting Process in Life
Exploration takes many forms. Travel has been a life’s passion for artist Andrea Maguire. It has takenher to many places off the beaten track, among them, mystical Tibet, Bhutan, Thailand, and Japan. These journeys have provided her with an unparalleled source of inspiration for her own creativity. During these sojourns she has had the opportunity to observe many different techniques and unusual media some of which she will share and explore with workshop participants.

Becoming Inspired (Finding your Creative Self)
What sparks inspiration? How do artists generate ideas? What is creativity? Andrea will guide participants throughstrategies for creative thought that help artists to gain insight into their own creative process and to access an exciting new dialogue with their creative selves from
defining the nascent idea into the generation of a complex visual expression.

Mixed Media with Attitude
Andrea introduces exciting new techniques to media-weary artists. She leads this practical exploration into a range of media, providing insight into their properties and combination potentials, blending in new technologies with traditional media

For the Love of Drawing
Immerse yourself in the joy and literacy of drawing during this workshop. Using her unique and exhuberant mixed-media approach, Andrea infuses the session with her own love of drawing, guiding participants through an adventurous process of exploration and discovery.

All workshops are hands-on.

All sessions can also be pre-arranged as on- or off-site one-day or two-day corporate workshops. Please contact Andrea to tailor to your needs






All workshops are hands-on. They are held as two-day weekend intensives in a studio setting.

All sessions can also be pre-arranged as on- or off-site one-day or two-day corporate workshops. Please contact Andrea to tailor to your needs.


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