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  APRIL 10-13, 2014



Joining with our sister show The AFFORDABLE ART FAIR

Thursday Opening Night, will take place April 10, 6-10pm. Canada’s largest art party:

Join us along with thousands of visitors for this spectacular and luminous event welcoming light, colour and sound to Toronto’s spring. A night to sip wine, peruse the aisles for that perfect piece of art, and listen and dance to exciting world rhythms.






In our continuing mandate to bring outstanding trends in contemporary art from the world stage to Toronto's audience we are pleased to present the work of internationally renowned artists at the Toronto Art Expo.

Keith Clayton

In addition to the presentation of a distinctive range of work by professional painters and sculptors whose abilities epitomize creative and aesthetic elements, the 2014 Expo was pleased to showcase an exclusive exhibition of International Contemporary Glass artists.

The Expo now presents a truly International face to art lovers in Toronto, unique in its featuring artists who have never been to Canada before as well as works through galleries that will only be on view this weekend. The works on sale will suit all budgets from first time buyer to high end collector to corporation boardroom.
Our Opening Night 2014 featured the beautiful traditional dance of India with the Dance Ensemble of Menaka Thakkar.

You can, at the Expo, walk the floor with a glass of wine while viewing the most exciting work to have come to Toronto from around the world and of course purchase such a piece that resonates with your personal sensibility.


  Deanna Clayton

Artists and galleries from around the world will join their Canadian colleagues presenting an extensive collection of leading fine art traditions not before seen in Toronto at prices to suit all budgets. A truly rare happening and worth the wait! Mark the dates October 22-25, 2015 and once again celebrate the return of spring at Canada's premier art and cultural event of the season. See you there! On the evening of the 22nd: Canada’s largest art party. Join us for this spectacular and luminous event welcoming light, colour and sound to Toronto’s spring. A night to relax, peruse the aisles for that perfect piece of art, and listen and dance to exciting world rhythms.

Featured Artist of the 2013 Expo:
Estefanía Valls Urquijo from Guatemala

Watching the river made of time and water
and remembering that time is another river,
knowing that we get lost like a river
And the faces pass by like water.       -Borges
…Our time passes, like water and like fleeting faces of which Borges speaks. I do not know if Estefanía was aware of this, but this collection of hers shows this constant flow of life and its inescapable finitude.
                                                         -S. Herrera U.

In 2012 the Expo featured the works of Midori Toda of Japan: Her style (Nihonga) employs pigments that she grinds from mineral and organic sources (e.g. oyster shells) - a popular medium in Japan. She uses silver leaf and natural pigments such as oyster for white, malachite for green and azurite for ultramarine on hemp paper. She presented several compounded screens, 6 feet high, under a series called Living Waters, an abstracted format. Midori has had many shows in the USA and Japan.
In 2011 we were pleased to present the work of internationally renowned Japanese artist Matsutani Takesada at the Toronto Art Expo.
Matsutani attended the Expo both for his installation performance of ‘Relations’ and to exhibit his exceptional works.
On display was a rerospective of his significant signature works such as the ‘Stream’ series described by Edward M. Gomez in his Art in America review as vast expanses of metallic black graphite on mural-size sheets of paper as well his more intimate mixed media paintings and prints.

Many witnessed Matsutani’s ‘Moment’ during the Opening Night Preview, Thursday April 14, 6pm to 10pm when he inaugurated for the first time in Toronto, his inspiring installation performance of ‘Relations’.

"To start the piece, the artist pricks small holes in the bag, allowing the thick ink to drip onto the canvas. As the fabric becomes saturated, the ink drips through it into the pan below, darkening the pool of water. Nearby, one of Matsutani’s enormous graphite drawings will cascade down to sprawl along the floor, setting up a contrast—or “relation”—between its blackness. (and the manner in which it was achieved) and the black-splattered, self-creating painting-in-progress, giving viewers a sense of the inherent drama and discipline that are to be found in Matsutani’s art, from the predictably unpredictable nature of a work that can be seen creating itself to the daunting size of a handmade piece whose craftsmanship is as obsessive as it is precise." Edward M. Gomez, Matsutani’s Moment, Art in America, 12/31/09For more information on Matsutani click here.

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The 2010 Expo presented a major exhibition of China’s leading master of monumental work on the medium of rice paper (zhii), Zheng Hui Lan, with both vertical and horizontal pieces up to 12 feet by 40 feet. Merging contemporary influences and traditional perspectives these installations were simply breathtaking. This exposition within the “Paper-Washi-Hanji-Zhii-Papier” feature of the 2010 Expo offered for the first time in Toronto that a collection of such noted works were shown.

  Thought provoking seminars related to art:

In 2009 David McClyment, writer, educator, visual artist & acting coordinator of Visual Arts at Centennial College, chose themes and artists for a 4-lecture series “Why this is good art.”

Alan Bryce of Passagesart, author of Art Smart presented two lectures focusing on buying art as an ‘Investment in Art that you love.’

Opening Night: Highlights of past Expos Features in 2010 included:
A unique performance experience of Toronto's own Moshe Hammer, world-renowned violinist who played as his son Mike Hammer, an artist exhibiting at the Expo, painted: a synergy of sound and colour.
Korean Salmunori dance & drum group JENG YI An exclusive presentation of: PAPER, the exquisite art form of the Print (original works in lithography, woodblock, etching and monoprints) as well as painting on paper and mixed media works incorporating paper within the constructs. Works of leading Canadian and International contemporary artists and past masters. (click here for details)
Whirling Dervishes from Turkey
NagataShachu Taiko Drumming with Kiyoshi Nagata The Fine Art of Sculpture: Centering around world-renowned sculptors presented by Masterpiece Publishing of California & Galerie Roccia from Montreal who will be joined by the largest number of specially invited sculptors from Canada, the U.S.Israel and Japan. From Netsuke to monumental works. (click here for details)
Korean Salmunori dance & drum group JENG YI
Menaka Thakkar Dance Company 2007

JAPAN NOW: Contemporary art from Japan both traditional and avant-garde. Seven award-winning artists from Tokyo, presenting works in traditional styles as well as that country’s sophisticated modern contribution to world art. Netsuke, sumie, anime, modern abstractions and drawing. Complimenting this will be a presentation of rarely seen woodblock prints from Japanese masters of the 60’s and 70’s on loan from the Japanese Government.

Juno-nominated Jane Bunnett for a smash performance with special guests in a Cuban Extravaganza which included the legendary Jon Hendricks in 2008.
The Art of Jazz presented the Divas of Jazz in 2009:
Elizabeth Shepherd Trio with special guests Telmary with the Toronto Cuban All Stars





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